Palace Ipswich presents BinXx

Three years ago, BinXx was captivated by the world of drag after watching performances by Eve Elle Queen online. This initial fascination with the art form and its transformative makeup techniques prompted the exploration of drag and performance.

Choosing the name BinXx was a whimsical nod to her childhood mishearing of Thackery Binx's name from the movie "Hocus Pocus" as "Zachary Binx," which closely resembled her own name out of drag, Zachary. Thus, the persona of BinXx was born.

BinXx is a proud member of the Haus of Diamonds, mentored by none other than Alexis Diamond. Her drag aesthetic and persona have been shaped by the influence of several notable drag performers, including Tealy, who inspired her initial look, as well as Iona Toyboy, Gaylene Tuckwood, Alexis Diamond, and Chocolate Boxx.

Her current style embraces a bold, confident theme described as "sexy Milf," showcasing her unique interpretation of drag that blends glamour with a playful edge.

  • Divas

  • Winter Ball

  • The Best Of Eurovision

  • Pride

  • All The Lovers

  • Summer Party

  • 1st Birthday Bash

  • It's a Mans World

  • Fright Night

  • Drag

  • Easter Parade

  • CAMP