Embrace the extravagant at 'CAMP' – Banshees Bar's ultimate drag celebration of all things outrageously fabulous this January!

Tuesday 10th January 2023 | Doors 7PM

SHOWS: 8pm, 9pm and 10pm

Palace Ipswich presents CAMP

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This January, Banshees Bar in Ipswich transforms into a vibrant playground for "CAMP," a drag show that celebrates the extravagant, the humorous, and the gloriously over-the-top aspects of drag culture. Under the dazzling guidance of hosts Sasha Trajik-Mole and Iona Toyboy, this event promises a night where flamboyance and extravagance are not just welcomed but celebrated.

Featuring an illustrious lineup of queens including Alexis Diamond, Binxx, Roxy Harte, and Britney Love, "CAMP" is set to be an unabashed showcase of drag at its most playful and audacious. Alexis Diamond, with her impeccable elegance and sparkling wit, will bring a touch of classic glamour to the camp festivities. Binxx, known for her bold looks and dynamic performances, will push the boundaries of creativity and humor, ensuring the audience is both dazzled and delighted.

Roxy Harte, with her charismatic stage presence, will add a layer of drama and intrigue to the night, embodying the essence of camp with every gesture. Britney Love, the epitome of pop-culture campiness, will bring high-energy performances that pay homage to iconic pop moments and figures, wrapping up the ensemble with a perfect bow of pop camp.

"CAMP" at Banshees Bar an invitation to explore the whimsical, the exaggerated, and the fantastically flamboyant side of drag. The cozy yet vibrant atmosphere of Banshees Bar sets the stage for an evening where the rules of conventional drag are playfully bent and twisted to create a spectacle of joy, laughter, and fabulousness.

Prepare to be immersed in a world where excess is celebrated, and the art of drag is showcased in all its camp glory. Join us this January for "CAMP," and let the spirit of fun, freedom, and fabulousness take over for an unforgettable night.