Sasha Trajik-Mole

Palace Ipswich presents Sasha Trajik-Mole
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Way back in 1996, Sasha began her journey in the world of drag at a fancy dress party where she didn’t have a costume ready and thought, “Why not put on a dress?”

She found her name using the old game of Stripper Names: "Sasha" being her first pet and "Vale" being the first street she lived on. Out she went with a borrowed wig, an op-shop dress, budgie blue eyeshadow, and a tummy full of Passion Pop.

While out that night, she was rightfully 'read' by the fabulous Trixie Laumonte, who said, "You're such a tragic mole," and Sasha Trajik-Mole was born!

The following week, she was thrust onstage, this time with an $8 wig from the Ekka and another op-shop dress, to perform her very first number to Hole's "Celebrity Skin," and the performance bug kicked in.

From then on, she performed every Sunday night as part of Trixie’s Babies, and she eventually decided to enter the annual Beat Mega Club talent competition, where she won first prize.

One of the judges on the final night was the General Manager of the Sportsman Hotel, who said, "Anytime you want to perform, come and have a go." So, the following week, Sasha turned up unannounced with three songs ready to perform, and her career at the Sportsman's Hotel took off.

Starting as a guest, Sasha was gradually put into production shows with some of Brisbane’s best drag performers and producers, including her longtime friend and Palace partner, Iona Toyboy. From there, she hosted "Work For The Mole," "Fierce Fridays," "In-Cabaret," "Karaoke Wednesdays," and any events Sporties needed her to host.

During her time at Sporties, she also performed and hosted many events throughout Brisbane, including Queensball, Sleazeball, Pride Fair Day, Big Gay Day, Gold Coast Gay Day, Sunshine Coast Gay Day, and many more.

She has performed up and down the east coast of Australia, from Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, and Northern NSW, to Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Maryborough, Cairns, and many places she can no longer remember—too many vodkas ago.

After leaving Sporties to concentrate on her "boy career," she missed the spotlight and was asked to return to the Beat Mega Club, where it all started. She soon found herself hosting Ladies Night and Musical Bingo at the Down Under Bar backpackers' hotel.

Sasha returned to Sporties to perform and produce some of the biggest shows Sporties had seen again, together with her sister, Iona.

Together, they both strive to bring the best entertainment to Ipswich—a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Some accomplishments Sasha is proud to have achieved are:

  • First place Beat Mega Club talent quest 1999
  • Miss Sportsman Hotel 2006
  • Entertainer of the year at the 50th anniversary Queensball
  • Inducted into the Sportsman Hotel Hall of Fame 2022
  • Divas

  • Winter Ball

  • The Best Of Eurovision

  • 80's Neon Party

  • Pride

  • All The Lovers

  • Summer Party

  • 1st Birthday Bash

  • It's a Mans World

  • Fright Night

  • Drag

  • Country

  • Disco Divas

  • Pajama Party

  • Kylie

  • Easter Parade

  • Gay Anthems

  • Silver Screen

  • CAMP

  • Summer Party