80's Neon Party

"80's Neon Party" at Palace Ipswich is an exuberant drag show at Banshees Bar, celebrating the 80s with vibrant performances by iconic queens.

Saturday 13th April 2024 | Doors 7PM

SHOWS: 8pm, 9pm and 10pm

Palace Ipswich presents 80's Neon Party

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April in Ipswich is set to be electrified with neon lights and nostalgic beats as Palace Ipswich brings you "80's Neon Party," an exuberant drag extravaganza hosted at the vibrant Banshees Bar. The event promises a throwback to the iconic era of the 80s, with its electric energy, bold fashion, and unforgettable music. Leading the charge are the dynamic and ever-glamorous hosts, Iona Toyboy and Sasha Trajik-Mole, whose charismatic presence and flair for the dramatic are sure to kick the party into high gear.

The lineup for the evening is nothing short of spectacular, featuring the talents of Diamond Goodrim, Alexis Diamond, and the sensational Katya Lou-King. Each queen will take to the stage with performances infused with the essence of the 80s, from high-energy dance numbers to heartfelt ballads that capture the decade's spirit. Diamond Goodrim, known for her captivating stage presence, is set to dazzle with renditions of 80s classics that will have everyone singing along. Alexis Diamond, with her unparalleled elegance and mesmerising performances, will transport the audience back in time with her graceful interpretation of the decade's hits.

Katya Lou-King, a rising star in the Brisbane drag scene, brings a fresh and edgy twist to the 80s theme. Her performances, known for their creativity and high-energy choreography, will be a tribute to the era's most iconic moments and personalities. Together, these queens will create a night of nostalgia, fun, and fabulousness, embodying the vibrant and rebellious spirit of the 80s.

The "80's Neon Party" at Banshees Bar is more than just a celebration of a bygone era; it's a night of unity, joy, and the unabashed expression of individuality. Set against the backdrop of Banshees Bar's warm and inviting atmosphere, the event is a call to all to don their brightest neons, biggest hair, and most outrageous 80s attire, and join in the celebration of diversity, creativity, and the enduring impact of the 80s on music and culture.

This April, let the "80's Neon Party" be your gateway to a night where past and present merge in a dazzling display of colour, music, and drag artistry, honouring the legacy of the 80s and the transformative power of drag.